Full body workout plan focused on fat loss. Written, recorded and designed by Michelle Natalie Mendez. This plan will help you challenge your mind and body by implementing a rigorous eating schedule, strength training routines and cardio sessions.


    • Specific workout routines (daily) focusing on back, legs, glutes, hamstrings, upper body etc.
    • Detailed instructions such as exercise, amount of sets, repetitions and resting time, routines are different EVERY day
    • 4 weeks, 5-6x, active for up to 1 hour and 30 mins



    • 16:8 vegan strategy
    • Full grocery list separated by each food department
    • Daily meal plans 4 weeks
    • Information on different body types to help you figure out what yours is

    • Direct links to access workout of the day
  • NEED

    • GYM membership/gym equipment
    • MNM strength bands
    • Mini loop resistance bands for certain exercises and glute activiation